K League 1 Gwangju FC is the hottest team this season. While running in 5th place (37 points, 10 wins, 7 draws, 8 losses) by causing a ‘rebellion of the promoted team’, it is poised to surpass the club’s highest record (6th place).토토사이트

Gwangju suffered relegation in 2012, 2017, and 2021, but returned to the first division stage three times. People around them say that it will be a great success if they enter Group A (1st to 6th place) in the split round this season and decide to stay early. However, Gwangju’s ultimate goal is to build a dedicated training ground.

In a recent phone call with Sports Donga, Gwangju coach Lee Jung-hyo (48) said, “There was an undisclosed target multiplier before the season. It was a figure that others could laugh at when they heard it, but it seems to be achievable,” he said. The players also agreed to make it so that the Gwangju Metropolitan City and the club would have no choice but to build a dedicated training ground.”

Gwangju did not have a dedicated training ground. They take turns training at Yeomju Sports Park, Gwangju World Cup Stadium, and Gwangju Soccer Stadium. Gwangju Soccer Stadium, the home stadium, can only be used on match day due to grass maintenance. Gwangju World Cup Stadium can be used twice a week, for 2 hours each. Yeomju Sports Park could not be used during the rainy season due to lack of drainage, and the grass also died. It is a team that is running in 5th place in the first division, but securing training time every time is stressful.

Coach Lee said, “There were times when I was kicked out of the training ground for exceeding practice time. When it rains, the amount of training decreases,” he said. I want to do a morning workout separately with my backups, but the situation is not good.”

Fortunately, the training environment has improved little by little since this season. Until last year, whenever there was an away game with a nearby club, it always started on the day of the game, but this year it starts the day before the game. Even when visiting the metropolitan area, they are moving by KTX, not club buses. If they secure a dedicated training ground, it seems that they will gain a foothold to become a prestigious club.

Director Lee said, “It has already been 13 years since Gwangju was founded. In such a poor environment, even if you develop good players, you have no choice but to leave soon, and it is always difficult to recruit players.”

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