Hwang Eui-jo (Nottingham) has been removed from the roster. But he’s on the field.

Nottingham will host Arsenal in the first round of the 2023-2024 English Premier League (EPL) on Wednesday afternoon at the Emirates Stadium in London, England. Hwang Ui-jo has been left out of the matchday squad. Nottingham manager Steven Cooper has left Hwang Ui-jo out of the squad.

However, Hwang traveled with the team. He sat at the back of the bench. He was even spotted on the pitch before the game. He traveled with the team to London but was apparently left out in the final moments of roster decisions.안전놀이터

Meanwhile, Nottingham are having a tough time against Arsenal. They’ve conceded the lead to the Gunners and are being pushed around. However, they have yet to concede a goal thanks to the defense. It’s currently 0-0 with 19 minutes left in the first half.

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