With Lee and Neymar parting ways after not playing a single regular season game together, Lee wrote a farewell message to Neymar himself, and Neymar replied.

Alhilal announced the news of Neymar’s signing on the club’s official social media accounts on April 16 (KST). Along with the news of Neymar’s signing, Alhilal also released a video of Neymar signing a contract with Alhilal and welcoming him to the club.

While there is no official word on the transfer fee or weekly wages, according to European soccer transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano, Neymar has signed a two-year deal with Al-Hilal, with annual wages of $150 million, for a total of $300 million, or 407 million euros.

Neymar’s move to the Middle East ends a decade-long European career that began in 2013. Neymar scored 105 goals in 186 official matches for Barcelona before moving to PSG in 2017, where he spent six years, scoring 118 goals in 173 matches. During that time, he won two Spanish La Liga titles, five French Ligue 1 titles, one UEFA Champions League title and one runner-up finish, three Spanish Copa del Rey titles, and three French Cups.

Neymar’s move to PSG was particularly high-profile. He left Barcelona for PSG in 2017 for a then-record €222 million ($319.5 billion) transfer fee, which still stands as the highest transfer fee in soccer history. Since then, he has become an iconic star for PSG and has helped the team rise to the top.

However, PSG was not satisfied with Neymar, as he was frequently sidelined with injuries, and last season he was out for the season with an ankle injury in February, leaving a gap in the team’s plans. Eventually, the club told Neymar himself that he was no longer in their plans ahead of this season, and demanded that he leave the team.

According to French outlet RMC Sport, “Neymar and Verratti missed PSG’s last training session and were not invited to the official media day. They then met with president Luis Campos and coach Luis Enrique and told them that the club would not rely on them next season.”

Al-Hilal wasn’t Neymar’s first choice; he first considered returning to his hometown club Barcelona. “Neymar’s return to Barcelona is imminent,” Catalan outlet La Porteria reported. Negotiations between the player and the club are very advanced and the signing of Neymar will be finalized after the completion of Barcelona’s sale of a 16 percent stake in Barça Studios for 60 million euros ($87.4 million).”

However, while Barcelona waited to resolve their financial issues, Al-Hilal lured Neymar away with a hefty salary, and Neymar ultimately opted for the Middle East, ending his time in Europe.

In addition to his 400 million won salary, Neymar will enjoy a host of perks in Saudi Arabia. First of all, he can live with his girlfriend in the kingdom, regardless of whether she is a Muslim or not. This means he doesn’t have to get married. This is exactly what Cristiano Ronaldo did when he brought his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, to live with him in Al-Nasr, Saudi Arabia, in January.

In addition, he has the unusual option of being paid $700 million for every post he makes promoting Saudi Arabia, a plane to travel around the world, and a top-of-the-line luxury home with butlers. In essence, the Saudi government stepped in and bought Neymar.

In the meantime, Lee Kang-in, who showed tremendous chemistry with Neymar in his short time at PSG, said goodbye to Neymar on social media, and Neymar replied immediately, showing his emotions after leaving the team.

Lee posted a farewell message on his social media accounts on Saturday, along with a photo of himself and Neymar. “It was a short time, but it was a very special time for me,” he said, reflecting on his memories with Neymar.

“Thank you very much, and I wish you all the best,” he said, adding that he wished Neymar the best of luck in his future endeavors. Lee then tagged Neymar himself and sent him a heart emoji, along with one of Neymar’s favorite “melon serenades,” to say goodbye.

Neymar replied immediately. “It was a short time, but you already have a place in my heart. See you later, son,” he wrote, referring to Lee as his son and adding a heart emoji.

While Neymar’s departure from Europe means that the two won’t be seeing each other for a while, if Neymar or Lee Kang-in’s careers take them to the next level and they are spotted together at a game or outside of it, it’s sure to draw a lot of attention to their affectionate farewell.

Neymar and Lee Kang-in’s chemistry has been the talk of the town in Korea. This is because the two have been close friends since joining the club.

Photos and videos released by PSG during their preseason tour of Asia often showed the pair joking around and having fun.

In PSG training videos, Lee and Neymar can be seen joking around with each other. During a rondo drill, where players stand in a circle and pass the ball around, Lee, who was the passer, failed to clear a pass and when he was the passer again, he walked up to Neymar and kicked him in the butt. Both Lee and Neymar had a good laugh, and it made for a lively training session.

They stayed close during training. Lee Kang-in showed off his friendship with Neymar by going behind his back and hugging him. Despite being a freshman who joined the team this summer, the two players seemed to have gotten along very well.

He also chatted with Neymar during the Inter Milan match in Japan. Lee, who grew up in Spain and played for Barcelona before joining PSG, is fluent in Spanish and can communicate with Neymar without a language barrier. Neymar was seen laughing out loud when Lee Kang-in said a word, and he also made a joke by grabbing a handful of Lee Kang-in’s bangs and playing a stereotype because he thought Lee Kang-in’s hair was long.

Their chemistry continued ahead of PSG’s match against Jeonbuk Hyundai at the Busan Asiad Stadium on March 3. The day before the match, Lee appeared with Neymar and Keylor Navas during the arrival ceremony, and when fans chanted Lee’s name during open training, Neymar walked over to Lee and personally grabbed his wrist and waved. Neymar’s gesture caused the Korean fans to burst into laughter. Later, the two were spotted watching each other in shooting drills, taking turns taking shots.

On the pitch, the pair worked well together. Neymar, who started against Jeonbuk, played the full game and was brilliant, and Lee Kang-in, who came on as a substitute in the 23rd minute, played alongside him. However, Jeonbuk would be the last time they played together.

After the game, Lee posted on his personal social media account, “I think I was able to play this game because of the fans who showed me great love and support even in such hot weather. Thank you for supporting the team at the airport, hotel, open training, and on the field. I will do my best to show you a good performance this season! Stay safe in the heat,” Lee thanked his fans.

Along with the fans, Neymar also commented on Lee’s post. “Kanguinho,” Neymar wrote, “inho” meaning “small, young” in Portuguese. The term was popularized by Brazilian legend Ronaldinho, who was once referred to as an “alien,” and it’s likely that Neymar used it to express his affection for Lee Kang-in. Fans also showed a lot of interest in Neymar’s comments.

However, with Neymar’s departure, we won’t be seeing the two of them together on the training field or on the pitch anymore.토토사이트

With Neymar’s departure to Alkhilal, it will be interesting to see who else Lee will be able to get along with this season as he begins his first season at PSG.

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