Fans of Lee Jae-young (PAOK Thessaloniki) have criticized the deletion of Lee’s interview articles.

The official fan club of Jae Young Lee, ‘Jae Young Time’, issued a statement on the 18th, saying, “Following the first article published on the 14th, the second article of Jae Young Lee’s interview, which was posted online at dawn on the 18th, was deleted for unknown reasons within a few minutes, and a message appeared stating that the decision was made at the request of the media company.” “This is a clear case of media suppression where a professional media outlet succumbed to invisible external pressure,” it said.

“How can the public’s right to speak and the right to know be deprived and abused in an era where you can freely criticize even the president of a country if you have a valid reason,” he said. “If an athlete has a problem with the content of an article, they should say so, and the truth should be determined based on both sides of the story. It is no different than the media silencing Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young in the early days of the Heungkuk Life expose.”

Lee Jae-young’s fan club also appealed to the media. “Even though the Korean volleyball world is in turmoil and it will take some time for the situation to be resolved, the life of a young man named Lee Jae-young should not be trampled on,” they said. “This is a matter of human rights, and please do not turn a blind eye to Lee Jae-young’s desperate struggle to reveal the truth and restore her honor.”

Earlier, Lee captured and shared an interview article from a media outlet on Instagram on the 18th, saying, “The second installment of ‘Lee Jae-young’s interview article’ that was posted on the media today was deleted for unknown reasons in about 15 minutes.”

According to the article, Lee Jae-young wrote about her feud with Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life), “I know the reason (for the feud) too well, but I will keep my mouth shut for now.” “One day it will all be revealed, and the teamwork that was good after she (Kim Yeon-kyung) came is in trouble,” Lee said.

In addition, Lee Jae-young claimed that Lee Da-young was constantly harassed by Kim Yeon-kyung, forcing her to take extreme measures. “There were often red flags for Lee Da-young, who was constantly harassed by that player,” he said, adding that “due to carbon monoxide poisoning, Lee Da-young barely woke up two days later”.

“I also attached a photo of the evidence of what was mentioned in the last article,” Lee posted, adding, “I will release more evidence in the future.”

Lee’s revelations continued. “They accused me of exposing Kim Yeon-kyung because she cursed at me during a match, but I tried to get along with her despite the pain I received from our personal relationship,” Lee pointed out on Instagram on the 19th.안전놀이터

Kim has already threatened legal action in response to the sisters’ claims.

“We will strongly respond to the press releases and YouTubers that have been maliciously written and distributed about Kim Yeon-kyung,” Kim’s agency, Ryan At, said on the 16th, adding, “Since 2020, we have been collecting data on malicious comments and posts containing falsehoods, defamation, sexual harassment, and personal attacks on our athletes through legal representatives and are proceeding with a lawsuit.”

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