Two famous pitching teams representing the Major League (MLB) failed in the end to remodel “Thor” Noah Syndergaard (31, Cleveland Guardians).

Cleveland announced on the 28th (hereinafter Korean time) that Syndergaard will be designated for transfer (DFA) after the confrontation with the Toronto Blue Jays. Yangyang nominations are a kind of waiting for release. During the waiver period, he is looking for a team that will take him, and if his desired team does not come out, he will change his affiliation to the minor league or become a free agent (FA) after being released.

Cleveland is a ‘prestigious pitcher’ representing Major League Baseball (MLB). Since the mid-2010s, he has been developing ace pitchers who have consistently dominated the league. Corey Kluber, Trevor Bauer, Mike Clevinger, and Shane Bieber are representative.

Cleveland also failed to save Syndergaard. Cleveland acquired him on the 27th of last month in a trade for shortstop Ahmed Rosario. It was a decision made due to the growing gap of starting pitchers, but it was not satisfactory. After the transfer, he appeared in a total of 6 games (33 1/3 innings) and was sluggish with 1 win, 2 losses and an ERA of 5.40. His last game against Toronto on the 28th was also 6 innings, 4 hits (3 home runs), 3 walks, 3 strikeouts and 5 runs. There were few hits, but there was no suppression of long hits.

Prior to Cleveland, another famous pitcher also tried to remodel Syndergaard, but failed. The Los Angeles Dodgers, who sold Syndergaard to Cleveland, signed him as a free agent for 1 year and 13 million dollars before this season. The Dodgers are also a team that has strength in pitching. Just recently, several pitchers dreaming of a revival, such as Tyler Anderson, Andrew Heaney, and Blake Treinen, have achieved success through one-year contracts with the Dodgers. Syndergaard could have signed a multi-year contract with another team, but chose to go to the Dodgers dreaming of a revival.

However, the results did not come out as expected. Pitching 55 and 1/3 innings in 12 games for the Dodgers, he went 1-4 with an ERA of 7.16, which was very poor. The Dodgers, who sent him to the disabled list (IL) with a finger blister injury, eventually chose to part with a trade.

It wasn’t a cool farewell. Syndergaard said of the transfer process, “There was too much work. A lot of people thought they could fix me. Some of them may have been right, but they just didn’t come across to me. My time at the Dodgers didn’t go as planned. It’s disappointing that it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to.”

Syndergaard blamed the club, but it seems that it was his stubbornness that the league’s leading clubs couldn’t save him. Most of the secrets of ‘famous houses’ such as the Dodgers and Cleveland are changes in pitch repertoire. Syndergaard played for the New York Mets in his youth and won the league with a fastball of 164 km / h.

However, his fastball, which reached an average of 159 km/h in 2016, has slowed to an average of 149 km/h this year. It is to blame that he did not regain his restraint after undergoing Tommy John surgery (surgery to splice elbow ligaments) and returning in 2021. He had to play with a breaking ball instead of power, but this year, the percentage of sinker and fastball pitches totaled 43.3%. In particular, even though the sinker (0.372 hit rate) was completely destroyed, it kept the most weight. The 2-pitch changeup also had a hit rate of 0.301.

There is also a pitcher who showed the exact opposite results to Syndergaard. Before the trade deadline, Lance Lynn, who was a member of the Chicago White Sox, was 6-9 with a 6.47 ERA. However, he was later traded to the Dodgers, and has changed 180 degrees with an earned run average of 2.03 with 4 wins in 5 games. The secret is to reduce the proportion of ‘broken’ cutters like Syndergaard’s sinkers.메이저사이트

Syndergaard has been seen as like a ‘less scratched’ lottery in the transfer market over the past two years since his return from surgery. It was because of the hope that he could return to the days when he threw a fastball enough. However, he experienced failure for two consecutive years and failed to show a willingness to change. This is why question marks follow the possibility of finding the next team and reviving.

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