A fan collapsed during the K League 1 Super Match between Suwon Samsung and FC Seoul, causing the game to be briefly suspended.

In the 23rd minute of the first half of the match between Suwon and Seoul at Suwon World Cup Stadium on Feb. 2, the away supporters’ section of the stadium became agitated.토토사이트

The supporter gestured to the referee and bench for help, and referee Ko Hyung-jin immediately stopped the game.

According to the Seoul club, Seoul midfielder Han Seung-kyu, who was on the bench, realized something was wrong and called the medical trainers.

Medical trainers Park Sung-ryul and Seo Seong-tae immediately rushed to the stands and administered first aid by placing masks on players who were having trouble breathing.

The collapsed fan was a middle school girl who had traveled from Seoul to cheer with her father.

The sun was beating down on the stands during the first half of the game.

The student thankfully regained consciousness and was taken to a nearby hospital in an ambulance organized by Suwon.

The ambulance was staffed by the Seoul Front Office, who checked on the student throughout the ride.

The game was suspended for about five minutes before resuming.

“He’s our fan, so we tried to save him,” said a Seoul official.

On the day, Seoul defended Ilyuchenko’s goal in the first minute to win 1-0.

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