There is a division league soccer team founded by a group of market vendors. Busan Jingu K7 League’s Bujeon Market FC is the protagonist.

On the 3rd, the 2023 season of the K7 Busan Jingu Division League was held at Busan Jin Middle School. Bujeon Market FC lost 2-6 to Busan Jingu Bukbu on the day, finishing in fourth place.

Bujeon Market FC is a team founded by merchants in Bujeon Market. It is in its fourth year of participation in the K7 League. Since its inception, the team has steadily grown in size and currently has about 60 players. Of these, about 30 players are from the secondary market.

Bujeon Market FC goalkeeper Jang Jun-ho also sells ice at the market on weekdays. “Ice water is essential for kicking a ball on a hot day like today. We provide ice from our shop to the players on game days. I also give ice to the officials who work hard at the stadium,” he said proudly.

Bujeon Market FC has many players who belong to the Bujeon Market Youth Association. The Bujeon Market Youth Association is an organization created by the merchants themselves for the development of the traditional market. Twice a month, they volunteer at a nursing home and an orphanage in Jingu-gu, Busan.

“Even if you’re not a member of the market youth organization, there are many merchants who help out,” says Jang Jun-ho. “Even if you are not a member of the market youth organization, there are many merchants who help us with our volunteer work,” he said. In this way, the Bujeon Market FC team is a force for good in the community.

Last season, Bujeon Market FC finished first in the Busan Jingu K7 League. This year, however, they finished in fourth place with one win and three losses. “We were really bad in the beginning,” says Jang Jun-ho. But as younger players came in, we got better and better, and last year we were able to finish first. Of course, it would be nice to be ranked higher, but we need to be healthy and play fair first.”먹튀검증

Bujeon Market FC recently signed Mongolian defender Boldbaatar Bilguun. “It means a lot to me to come to a faraway country and play ball with him,” said Jang. We try to get him to play as many games as possible to help him adjust to life in Korea. I even call him a few times the day before the game.”

The players of Bujeon Market FC range in age from 20s to 60s. Despite the large age gap, they share a special bond as they bump into each other during training sessions. This is how new players are able to quickly integrate into the team.

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