After a narrow win over Wales at Cardiff City Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, the team traveled to London to unpack.

The team is scheduled to face Saudi Arabia on March 13 at Newcastle’s St. James’ Park stadium in the northeastern United Kingdom in its second European test.안전놀이터

However, the team will be training in Brentford, London, a whopping 460 kilometers away from Newcastle.

The distance between the Seoul World Cup Stadium and the village of Haenam in South Jeolla Province is about 430 kilometers.

The team will reportedly travel to Newcastle by chartered flight the day before the match, but it is extremely unusual to set up a training ground more than 400 kilometers away for a one- or two-game away trial, let alone a World Cup where a base camp is set up.

Even in the Busan-Daejeon domestic trials in June, the team did not travel to Paju NFC, about 450 kilometers away, after the Peru match in Busan, but went straight to Daejeon to prepare for the El Salvador match.

The KFA also failed to provide a clear answer to the question of why they chose to train in London instead of Newcastle.

The FA said it hadn’t been given a specific reason for choosing London as the training ground, and that it would get to the bottom of it as soon as it was light out in London.

However, questions have been amplified by the fact that Klinsmann has been named in the squad for Chelsea’s Legends Match against Bayern Munich, which coincidentally is scheduled to take place at 19:15 local time on September 9 at Stanford Stadium in London.

It’s less than a 25-minute drive from Brentford’s training ground to Stamford Bridge Stadium, raising questions as to whether the team is traveling to London for this charity match.

Klinsmann’s name is on Bayern Munich’s roster for the charity match against Chelsea.

In response to criticism, the Football Association stated that Klinsmann would not be attending the Legends Match against Chelsea, but it is understood that the association did not even know in advance that Klinsmann would be attending the match until yesterday, when they were informed by media inquiries.

Klinsmann’s decision is also believed to have been behind the decision to locate the England away trial in Newcastle, while our second opponents, Saudi Arabia, have been training in the Newcastle area in preparation for the South Korea game.

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