Gangwon FC’s women’s soccer team, Orange FC, will compete in the K-WIN CUP, a women’s soccer tournament in the Korean Football League.

Gangwon FC held a departure ceremony for Orange FC at the Gangwon FC Youth Academy Center in Chuncheon on the 9th. On the day, CEO Kim Byung-ji and Youth Academy General Manager Choi Kyung-jin, a former national futsal player, gave special instructions to the players and played a game with them. After the training, they presented the players with snacks and spent a meaningful time talking about soccer.먹튀검증

Orange FC selected 12 players, ranging from the youngest at 99 years old to the oldest at 76 years old, through a tryout in July this year, and will be participating in the Queen’s Cup for the second consecutive year after last year. In addition to regular training sessions, head coach Cha Yeon-hee and coach Yoo Yoo-byul have been taking time to train with the players to build a strong commitment to the competition.

CEO Kim Byung-ji said, “I am very proud that Gangwon FC is able to contribute to the expansion of women’s soccer. “I heard that there are more teams participating in this tournament than last year and the level is higher than I thought,” he said, adding, “We will support a special dinner if the team finishes in fourth place or higher like the last tournament.

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