Lee Sedol 9, who attracted attention seven years ago when he faced off against AlphaGo, a Go artificial intelligence program developed by Alphabet’s Google DeepMind, will compete in a card game this time.

Lee Sedol, who has returned to playing the card game “Hold’em,” will face off against Cha Min-soo, the real-life model of the drama “All In” and a professional Go player, in the M-Tour, which will be broadcast live on U+ Mobile TV on the 16th and 17th.토토사이트

Organized and hosted by the International Mind Sports Association, 165 representatives selected through regional qualifiers and tournaments in eight locations across the country will compete in the card game ‘Hold’em.

Among them, the M-Tour Invitational will feature professional Go players such as Lee Sedol, who is also the official ambassador of the tournament, Cha Min-soo and Choi Cheol-hwan 9th dan, as well as celebrities with diverse careers and brainpower, including Kim Hak-do, the No. 1 professional poker player in Korea, former judo player Jo Joon-ho, comedian Lee Sang-joon, rapper and poker player Seo Chul-gu, and actor Moon Soo-in.

In the M-Tour Invitational, all eight will sit at one table and battle it out in three rounds of Hold’em. Played with 52 cards, Hold’em is a mind sports game that can be played by people of all ages and in any location. It requires a high level of psychological warfare and brain power. It has a reputation as a favorite game not only of professional Go players but also of famous esports players such as Hong Jin-ho, Lim Yo-hwan, and Guillaume Patry.

The M-Tour Invitational, which will feature eight celebrities including Lee Sedol and Cha Min-soo, will be broadcast live on U+ Mobile TV from 5 p.m. on the 16th. You can also watch the final day’s matches live from 1:30 p.m. on the 17th, when the winner will be crowned.

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