With Yannis Adetokunbo (28-Greece) not signing an extension with the Milwaukee Bucks, the future of one of his teammates could be a moving target.

ESPN’s Bobby Marx told the SiriusXM Holdings podcast on Sunday that the future of Jrue Holiday could have an impact on whether Adetokunbo gets an extension.

“I’m concerned about what’s going on with J.R. Halladay,” Max said.

“It’s something I’m keeping a close eye on,” he said, adding that Halladay is eligible for an extension next year on Feb. 23 and could potentially become a free agent.

“If Milwaukee loses Halladay, they face a major challenge in landing Adetokunbo,” he reiterated.

Halladay is in his fourth season with Milwaukee and made his first All-Star Game in 10 years in 2022-23. He averaged 18.4 points, 4.7 rebounds, and 6.8 assists during his time with the team, helping Milwaukee lift the 2021 NBA Championship.

Halladay’s value lies in his defense, where he has made the All-Defensive team a whopping five times. He is under contract for the 23-24 season, but has a player option for the 24-25 season worth $37.3M.

Failure to retain Halladay after the season would mean a weakened Milwaukee roster and a move away from the “winning” goal that Adetokunbo recently revealed to the media.온라인카지노

What’s more, Adetokunbo thinks so highly of Halladay that he demanded Milwaukee keep him when he signed his last extension. So losing Halladay would give Adetokunbo a reason to leave Milwaukee.

Meanwhile, Adetokunbo, who has a player option for the 25-26 season, could sign a three-year, $173 million extension by the opening day of the upcoming regular season. However, the market for the reigning back-to-back MVP is likely to be very hot, so Milwaukee will need to have attractive options to appeal to Adetokunbo.

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