It’s August. LG and Doosan, which share the Jamsil Baseball Stadium, met with the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Balanced Development Headquarters’ Southeast Region Promotion Team and learned about the idea of utilizing the Jamsil Main Stadium as an alternative stadium during the construction of the Jamsil Dome Stadium.

The project was reportedly carried out under the direction of Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon. Mayor Oh is said to have listened to the opinions of the baseball community through meetings with Heo Koo-yeon, the president of the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO), and also issued guidelines for the study.

At the time, the Seoul Metropolitan Government was quite specific. While Jamsil Baseball Stadium was demolished and Jamsil Dome was built, Doosan and LG remodeled the main stadium, and the size of the stadium and the expected construction period were also presented.

The capacity of the replacement stadium is 18,000 spectators. With a 125-meter center fence and 95-meter left and right fences, it was also explained that there would be no problem in providing lighting facilities for night games. In this case, the two teams will use Jamsil Baseball Stadium until 2026 and then move to the replacement stadium for six years from 2027 to 2032.

The city of Seoul announced the plan to build the Jamsil Dome on April 18, coinciding with Mayor Oh Se-hoon’s trip to Toronto. The plan called for the two teams to leave Jamsil Stadium after 2025 and find a replacement for six years. Instead, the completion date of Jamsil Dome will be pushed back to 2031. This is one year earlier than the plan to remodel the main stadium.

The city of Seoul folded the main stadium replacement card, citing safety concerns. After a loud public outcry, the city reiterated the safety issue in a press release with relevant drawings on the 18th.

The city may have been planning to announce the Jamsil Dome plan during a trip that included a visit to Toronto’s Rogers Centre, where Ryu Hyun-jin plays.

In early September, LG and Doosan officials held a disaster safety advisory meeting to share safety concerns based on the views of three hand-picked disaster experts, and the KBO also visited to share its position.

The two clubs and the KBO are said to have been fully aware of the safety management issues, but asked for more time and a flexible perspective, citing the seriousness of the actual problem. This is why the two clubs and the KBO were so puzzled by Seoul’s sudden announcement of the Jamsil Dome construction plan during the Toronto trip.토토사이트

Safety concerns were a foregone conclusion. However, given the fact that it has been six years since the two Seoul clubs have had a stadium to call home that at least maintains the standards of professional baseball, it seems that a more extensive study and rationale for the decision was necessary.

The ‘Sports and MICE Complex’ to be developed around the Jamsil Sports Complex is taking shape under the leadership of the so-called ‘Hanwha Consortium’, which is the preferred bidder. As it is a private project, ‘affordability’ is bound to be emphasized first. If the two clubs use the main stadium as an alternative venue, additional costs will be incurred by preparing various facilities and extending the construction period by one year, which is why common sense should be taken into account at this time.

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