Samsung Life, which was missing key players, rode a strong performance from its sixth man to a comfortable win.

The Yongin Samsung Life Blooms won 93-78 in a scrimmage against Hogye Middle School at the Samsung Life Human Center on Nov. 21.

Samsung Life was without Kiana Smith, Yoon Ye-bin, and Bae Hye-yoon, who are undergoing rehabilitation, as well as Kang Yoo-rim and Lee Hae-ran, who were called up to the national team.

Seven players started in the scrimmage, including Lee Ju-yeon, who recently returned from injury and began to play in practice, Shin Seul, Yang Ji-won, Park Hye-mi, and Kim Dan-bi, as well as prospect Kim Yoo-sun and transferee Bang Boram.

Park Hye-mi led the offense with 25 points, while Shin Seul was strong in the backcourt with 20 points and 14 assists. Lee Ju-yeon, who played 20:50 on the day, had 12 points and two steals.

Yang Ji Won (18 points, 7 rebounds) and Kim Yoo Sun (11 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists) also had good performances.

Samsung Life jumped out to a big lead in the first quarter. Led by Park Hye-mi, Shin Isul and Lee Ju-yeon scored evenly, shaking up Ho Kye-joong’s defense.온라인카지노

After leading 28-15 in the first quarter, Samsung Life allowed Ho Kye-joong’s height to catch up a bit in the second quarter, but still managed to hold a 47-38 lead at the end of the first half.

Samsung Life’s dominance continued in the second half. Shin led the offense with clever passes and Kim Yoo-sun hit a three-pointer.

On this day, Samsung Life showed a good performance with Ho Kye-joong’s full-court press and zone defense, and quick offensive transitions.

In the fourth quarter, Samsung Life extended its lead through Park Hye-mi and Yang Ji-won, and eventually secured a comfortable 93-78 victory.

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