He was a force to be reckoned with. That’s what Cheonan City FC striker Paulinho says about his team’s three-game winning streak that helped them break into the K League 2. After a statistically dominant performance, it was rewarding to help the team that gave him the opportunity to play for them come back from the brink.

His team, Cheonan, won 3-1 against Jeonnam in the 33rd round of the Hana OneQ K League 2 2023 at Gwangyang Football Stadium at 6:30 p.m. on the 23rd. Cheonan scored twice in the 22nd and 23rd minutes of the first half and a goal by Lee Min-soo in the 40th minute to overcome Jeonnam, who had a goal by Plana in the 11th minute. The win was Cheonan’s third straight of the season.

Paulinho had a fantastic performance in the match. He opened the scoring in the 22nd minute with a left-footed strike after beating Jeonnam defender Yoo Ji-ha with an exquisite touch of the ball inside the box, set up Lee Min-soo’s goal in the 40th minute with an intelligent heel pass, and drove a wedge into the game in the 23rd minute when he brilliantly beat the offside trap.

Paulinho, who arrived in a Cheonan jersey through the transfer market last summer, had also scored two goals and provided an assist against Seoul Eland in the 20th round to give the club its first win after an emotional start to the season, when it was mired in a serious winless streak. This time, it was two goals and one assist that saved the team from the bottom of the table. Paulinho has been a crucial part of Cheonan’s success this season.

After the game against Jeonnam on Nov. 23, Paulinho said he owes it all to coach Park Nam-yeol, his coaching staff, his teammates and the fans who never stopped supporting him no matter how bleak the situation was.

“I owe everything to the welcome I received from the coach and the team,” said Paulinho. “Coming from a different culture, that welcome is really important. I want to thank the coach, the team, and my players for giving me the opportunity. And thank you to the fans for always believing in me and supporting me. Words can’t describe my happiness right now,” he smiled.메이저사이트

When asked if there was any pressure to save a team in crisis given that he joined the team in the middle of the season, he replied, “Not at all.” “I’ve had a lot of experience since I was a kid,” Paulingo said. Three years ago, I had experience in the UAE, and that was the foundation. When I came to this team, it would have been a burden if Coach Park hadn’t welcomed me and given me a chance. I was given the opportunity to showcase my abilities naturally,” he said, adding that he is grateful to those around him.

Paulinho is determined to show more. “I want to dedicate myself to the supporters and fans who have been with us through the difficult times,” he said. “They have traveled to all of our away games despite the difficulties, so we have a lot to show them. We have six games left, and we will try to get good results in those six games so that we can spread happiness.” Considering the mood in Cheonan, which is well and truly on the upswing, it’s certainly possible.

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