Hyundai Mobis wraps up scrimmage against Tokyo Z.

The Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Phoebus, who are training in Japan, won 112-81 in a scrimmage against Earth Friends Tokyo Z at Karutsu Kawasaki Gymnasium on Sunday.

As a practice game, the focus was on the process rather than the result. Hyundai Mobis’ firepower was quite good, as they had a lot of shooters. However, their defense left something to be desired. Head coach Cho Dong-hyun pointed this out in his postgame interview. After a shot went in, the team became complacent on the next play.

“Today’s game wasn’t important, and we have a practice game tomorrow, so we rotated a lot. However, I emphasized to the players that the attitude towards today’s game was disappointing. When the shots went in at the beginning, we didn’t play the way we should have, and we didn’t communicate in the wrong areas. We need to play as a team, but today we just won the game because the shots went in.”

Second-ranked rookie Park Mubin, who arrived in Japan the previous afternoon, also took the court. Although his physical condition was not easy to manage, he still managed to showcase his skills. He played 20 minutes and scored nine points, including three three-pointers, and dished out six assists.

Coach Cho Dong-hyun said, “He’s off in terms of physical strength. But he definitely has advantages that other players don’t have in terms of his ability to play the game. She has the ability to play beyond expectations. At the beginning of the game, I emphasized that I should distinguish when to save and when to attack. You just have to go with the flow and throw it when you have the chance and give it when you have the defense. “I was trying to create that, so I was holding onto the ball a lot, but it’s definitely an advantage,” he said.

Despite having a lot of big men, Hyundai Mobis played mostly outside and transition offense rather than post offense.

“In a game like this, you don’t need to give your big men a lot of post-up options. Even if you tell them not to, they will do it automatically when they are in mismatches back home. Against a domestic university team or a team with such a low height, there is no point in scoring a lot of points just by having the big men attack. You can’t post up against a team that can defend like Oh Se-geun or Ha Yoon-ki. You have to create spacing or 2-on-2s and work them out. Even if they tell me not to do it later, I’ll do it anyway,” he laughed.

Kebe Alumah (11 points, five assists), who played just 17 minutes, was certainly versatile. He has the passing ability to set up teammates and the skill to score inside and out.

“I don’t want to give him a lot of different rolls, I just want him to play basketball and catch the offense,” Cho said. He can shoot the basketball and pass, so we just need to improve his understanding of the team’s defense. Anyway, with Lee Woo-seok and the signings coming in, I think we’ll have to take a little more practice.”

Hyundai Mobis will be without Gage Prim for the remainder of the preseason with a foot injury. X-rays were clear, and Prim did some shooting practice after the game, but Cho doesn’t plan to push him too hard. He will return home on the 29th to check his condition again.

“He’s a very greedy player, so if he gets sick, he’ll try to be patient, so I told him. The season is more important than now. I told him to get enough rest and improve his body from the cup competition. He needs to be healthy now, but he’s greedy and passionate, so I let him rest.”온라인카지노

As for what he expects from Prim, he said, “I hope he doesn’t get technical fouls or anything like that. Last year, I didn’t realize it because he was a rookie, but now I’m going to keep reminding him to be careful about that, and I want him to play a little more off-the-ball, but I’m going to utilize his strengths when he plays.”

Hyundai Mobis will next face Ibaraki in the Nippon Premier League on April 28.

“When we play against the first division, we will focus on defensive tactics and preparing for the match,” Cho said. It would have been nice to have (Gage) Prim play with us, but that’s a shame, but Aluma is a player who can play basketball, so I think we can do well with Lee Woo-seok or Signing Jin.”

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