There is a player who left Europe for Saudi Arabia at the age of 24, when he was in the prime of his career as a soccer player.

Jota is from Portugal. He started his professional career at Benfica, moved on to Real Valladolid, and played for Celtic from 2021 to 2023. In particular, he played a big role in Celtic’s ‘domestic treble’ last season. He naturally became a favorite disciple of Celtic coach Enze Postekoglu.

Jota, who enjoyed glory at Celtic, made a shocking choice in 2023. He chose Saudi Arabia when he was in his prime. He could not escape the temptation of Saudi Arabia’s oil money. He moved to Al Ittihad. He headed to Al Ittihad, where Karim Benzema and N’Golo Kante are present.

But at his young age, Saudi Arabia’s choice turned into a nightmare. Al Ittihad has treated Jota as out of power, and according to local media, Jota has been excluded from the first-team squad and is even pushing for the termination of his contract. It was a complete disaster.

The possibility that this type of steering could return to Europe has been raised. That too is Tottenham, a powerhouse in the English Premier League (EPL). The reason is simple. This is because the manager of Tottenham is manager Postekoglou. He is trying to reunite with his favorite pupil from his Celtic days.

Britain’s ’90min’ reported, “Tottenham are keeping an eye on Jota, who is about to be sent off at Al Ittihad.”

“Jota left Celtic at the age of 24 and joined Al Ittihad. However, he was unable to register his name in the squad. Talks between Al Ittihad and Jota are ongoing to find a solution. In this situation, Jota has terminated his contract with Al Ittihad. “I hope to return to Europe,” he explained.

Tottenham is seeking to recruit Jota. In particular, Director Postecoglo’s will is strong.

The media emphasized, “If Jota can leave Al Ittihad, Tottenham will be very interested in a deal. Coach Postekoglou, who recruited Jota from Celtic, is working hard to bring him to Tottenham.”

Also, “Tottenham showed interest in Jota right after he was excluded from the Al Ittihad squad. Jota is coach Postekoglou’s preferred winger. Jota spent two seasons under Postekoglou, scoring 28 goals and providing 26 assists in 83 games. “It was recorded,” he added.레고토토

According to this media outlet, Jota is also receiving interest from other English clubs. It has been reported that Brentford, Crystal Palace, Everton, Fulham, and West Ham are keeping an eye on Jota. However, Tottenham has the greatest advantage.

The media explained, “Jota will want to reunite with coach Postekoglou again, so Tottenham has the best advantage in recruiting Jota.”

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