BNK’s No. 2 rookie Kim Jong-yeon is adjusting well to the team.

The Busan BNK thumb has been participating in practice games at the Busan Bank Training Center gym since this week.

After playing in the first scrimmage against Busan Jungang High School, Kim played in the second scrimmage against Shinhan Bank on the 19th and 20th.

On the 19th, he scored 16 points, including four 3-pointers, and on the 20th, he hit two 3-pointers in the first half alone.

Kim, who joined the team for the first time on Sept. 16, is still focusing on adjusting to the team.

“My sisters take care of me so well,” Kim said, “so I don’t feel particularly uncomfortable or anything like that. I’m adjusting well.”

Kim has been the talk of the town since she was drafted. He was selected with the No. 2 pick, which BNK had acquired by boldly trading away one of its main resources, Kim Sion.

At the time, BNK surprised the world twice, once with a trade and once with the second pick.

Head coach Park Jung-jeong also has high hopes for Kim. “There’s no such thing as a rookie who can’t play,” Park said. If he adapts well, we will give him plenty of opportunities.”

What advice did Park give to Kim Jong-un?

“The coach told me to watch a lot of videos of my sister Kim Sion, who was traded, and follow her example, so I’ve been watching videos and using them as a reference. I think I watch one game a day. When I watched the video, I noticed that Sion always moved a lot to the opposite side of Sohee. In fact, when I joined the team, I was scolded by the coach because I couldn’t match those movements.(Laughs) When I tried to match that, I think it came naturally to me to move to the other side of Sohee.”

Kim’s biggest weapon is her uncharacteristic composure. She doesn’t rush or panic when the defense presses hard and blocks her shots.

This was the case with his third three-pointer in the third quarter of the first exhibition game against Shinhan Bank.

From 45 degrees, he beat his opponent’s shooting contest with an easy pump fake and drained a step-back 3-pointer.스포츠토토

It didn’t end there.

On her fourth three-pointer of the night, she recognized Ahn’s position in the paint and took the ball to the corner from 45 degrees. It was a shot that could only come from a good understanding of spacing.

“In the first half, I had a few 3-pointers, so in the second half, I thought they would come out aggressively to block my 3-pointers, so I took a fake and shot a 3-pointer. The fourth 3-pointer came because I was trying to move around a lot outside when my sisters were getting open. My role is to make shots and not do anything else,” she explained.

Kim, who will make her professional debut in two weeks, has a role model in teammate Lee So-hee. Kim chose the number 13 jersey she wears for BNK after being influenced by her eponymous teammate, Hana OneQ.

“First of all, Sohee is so fast. Her shot is also very good. I don’t think there’s anyone who can stop her,” Kim laughed.

He continued, “The back number was influenced by Kim Jong Un. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, and when the number 13 was left over, I wore it right away.”

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