“They say it’s best to hang in there.”

GS Caltex libero Handa-hye, 28, celebrated the 10th anniversary of her debut in a meaningful way during the Dodram 2023-24 V-League Women’s First Round match against Jeonggwanjang Red Sparks at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on Nov. 20.

Handahye, who joined GS Caltex with the fifth pick in the third round of the 2013 rookie draft from Jungang Girls’ Middle School-Wongokgo, has played her entire career with GS Caltex without a single transfer. In 200 career matches, she has a 44.96% receiving efficiency and 2.975 digs per set. In the 2020-21 season, she played a key role in GS Caltex’s traveling team.

GS Caltex head coach Cha Sang-hyun said, “Handahye has been playing with me for a long time. It is difficult for a player to stay with a team for 10 years. It’s also great to play 10 years with a team without being traded, whether voluntarily or not. I want to say congratulations to her, she’s been with the team for 10 years and is now the starting libero, which is amazing. Thank you to the players for their support.”
Handa Hye said, “It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 10 years since my debut. I can’t believe it, but it feels good. I’m grateful to the club for taking care of me.” She added, “I was informed of the anniversary event in advance, so I was prepared. I think I was overly nervous,” he said.

It’s not easy for anyone to play for a team for 10 years.

“I’m grateful to the coach for trusting me. I always thought, ‘Let’s hold on as long as we can,’ and now it’s been 10 years,” she laughed.안전놀이터

It hasn’t been without its ups and downs. In his rookie season, 2013-14, he didn’t play at all, then one game in 2014-15 and nine in 2015-16. In 2016-17, she started to make a name for herself, playing more than 20 games for the first time since her debut.
“In the beginning, when I couldn’t play at all, I thought, ‘I shouldn’t even be on this team, I’d rather get a job and play,'” she says. But people around me told me that it’s best to hang in there,” she said, adding, “I think it’s a high point because there are many players who are doing well now. I’m always trying to do my best,” he said encouragingly.

“GS Caltex has good facilities. I also like the sauna, and it’s well-equipped.” “My older sisters are doing well without injuries, and I want to do well for a long time without injuries. I want to play for a long time at GS Caltex, which pays my salary,” she smiled.

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