The fightback begins. KT Wiz has set the stage for a comeback with its first win in fall baseball.

KT won the third game of the playoffs against NC 3-0 at Changwon NC Park on April 2, extending the series to a best-of-four series.

Starting pitcher Ko Young-pyo shined. Ko shut down the NC bats for six innings, allowing three hits, five walks and two strikeouts. He threw a mix of fastballs, changeups, curves, and sliders, and reached a pitch count of 105.

At the plate, the platoon stood out. Batting eighth and starting in center field in the top of the second inning, with the score tied at 0-0, he took Tanner’s second pitch, a 122-kilometer low slider, and launched it over the left field fence for a 115-meter leadoff home run. KT took the lead for the first time in three games of the playoffs with a home run off the bat of Jeong Jae-dae. 토토사이트

After hitting the leadoff home run, Choi also received cheers from the fans for his focused defense. In the bottom of the fourth inning with a 2-0 lead and a full count, Chin Kwon Hee-dong slid a short, lucky hit in front of Chin’s center field. It was a huge relief for Ko Young-pyo, who had been pitching well.

A big smile spread across his face as he looked at his platoon, which had played great defense. He walked to the dugout and greeted the defense with an exhilarating high-five.

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