Korea Table Tennis is 100 days away from hosting the first ever World Table Tennis Championships in Korea. The BNK Busan Bank 2024 Busan World Table Tennis Championships Organizing Committee (Co-Chairs Park Hyung-joon and Lee Seung-min) held the ‘D-100 Day Celebration’ on the afternoon of the 8th at the Lotte Hotel Busan Crystal Ballroom, laying the foundation for a successful event.

The event opened with an opening ceremony to introduce the official emblem of the Games, which included the logo of presenting partner BNK Busan Bank. Against the backdrop of a magnificent North Korean performance, an LED light show was staged in which each element of the emblem was presented one after the other with its own meaning and then merged into one. The emblem is reminiscent of Busan’s landmark Gwangan Bridge, but it also captures the spirit of unity and sportsmanship by depicting two athletes shaking hands. The shape of the trophy, reminiscent of a racket and ball, was finalized with the sound of a stirring drum, creating a sense of urgency for the World Championships, which are just 100 days away.

The event was attended by co-chairs Park Hyung-joon and Yoo Seung-min, as well as key figures from the host city of Busan, the organizing committee, and officials from the Korea Table Tennis Association. Officials from each of the sponsors, including presenting partner BNK Busan Bank, as well as the presidents of the city and provincial chapters of the Korea Table Tennis Association and the supporters organized to support the World Championships also came together. Legends from the heyday of Korean table tennis, including Jung Hyun-sook, Yoo Nam-gyu, Hyun Jeong-hwa, and Kim Taek-soo, joined them and clasped hands.

Co-chairman Yoo Seung-min (President of the Korea Table Tennis Association) said, “The athletes are from 40 countries, both men and women, but during the tournament, there are several international table tennis events including the ITTF General Assembly and the Summit. In fact, it is a mega event with representatives from more than 150 countries around the world. “The first ever World Championships for Korean table tennis will redefine the sport’s status on the international stage.” “The next 100 days will be all about perfection for the best World Championships ever. We are confident that by the end of the tournament, Busan, a city of luxury, will be showcased to the world and the status of Korean table tennis will have been elevated.”

ITTF President Petra Söhring added: “Our dream was to come to Busan in 2020, but due to what happened around the world, it was not possible. Nevertheless, in February 2024, we will finally be able to come to Busan. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who has worked so hard to organize this event. See you in Busan in 100 days,” he said, making a ‘K-finger heart’ gesture.

The signing ceremony of BNK Busan Bank and the tournament organizing committee also attracted attention. BNK Busan Bank, a representative financial institution in Busan, signed a presenting partner agreement last month and is accompanying the process. Co-chairs Park Hyung-joon and Yoo Seung-min and BNK Busan Bank President Bang Sung-bin stood on the podium and signed their names on separate tablets at the same time. The signatures were displayed on the screen, eliciting cheers and applause from the audience. This special digital signing ceremony reinforced the confidence of Korea Table Tennis to host the best World Championships ever, backed by the best technology and strong sponsorship. The official name of Korea Table Tennis’ first ever World Championships to be held in Korea is ‘BNK Busan Bank 2024 Busan World Table Tennis Championships’. 보스토토 도메인

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