“I worked hard in the offseason, and I thought it would be unfair to go out injured like this,” explains Yeo, who had a tooth extraction and implant done in one day after injuring it in his first game.
Busan KCC lost Choi Jun-yong to injury. Jeon Jun-beom was also injured in the KBL Cup. Song Kyo-chang will take some time to return to action after being discharged from the Armed Forces Athletic Corps (Commerce). The team is not at full strength at the start of the season.

The team is missing two players who are expected to play from the start of the season. This is a big blow for KCC, which has fewer players available.

Among them, Yeo Jun-hyung has been getting some playing time. Yeo was drafted by KCC with the 17th overall pick in last year’s rookie draft.

He didn’t play much during his time at Korea University due to injuries. He didn’t play a single regular season game last season.

Yeo has played in all five games this season. While her average minutes are not high (7:18), she has been working hard in the offseason to earn her playing time. Furthermore, there is Seo Jung-hyun, who was better than Yeo Jun-hyung in college.

When asked why he gave Yeo more playing time than Seo, KCC head coach Jeon Chang-jin said, “Seo can only defend inside the post, while Yeo can defend outside. Our offense is fast-paced, and (Yeo) has speed and can participate in the fast break.” “He’s just starting to play. I don’t expect much from him, but he’s the only backup to Seung-hyun. If Seung-hyun’s backup is playing in the post, Jeong-hyun might come in. Nowadays, there are very few players who insist on playing the No. 4 (power forward) in the post. Hyundai Mobis is one of them. LG also has Yang Hong-seok and Jung Hee-jae at the 4. It’s there, but it’s still better to have a player with a better offensive role, so Jun Hyung-i plays.”

There have been twists and turns. Yeo Jun-hyung suffered the injury in the home opener against Seoul Samsung on March 22, when he collided with Kofi Coburn. It looked like he might not be able to play right away, but he quickly returned.

We spoke with him before the team’s game against Changwon LG on Tuesday. 보스토토

When asked about his return, he said, “I can’t get used to it. Breathing and other things are uncomfortable. I wear (a mouthpiece) when I practice, so it’s okay.” “I got the implant and tooth extraction done in one day. I worked hard in the offseason, and I thought it would be unfair to go out injured like this. “I didn’t rush anything, and the pain wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I just wanted to get it over with. I just wanted to do it quickly.”

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